Frequently asked questions

Are you a production company or a service agency?

I do both. The great thing about us is you get more than just a production company because we know how to strategize, problem solve and come up with advertising conceptual solutions before production starts. 
See for full service.

Can I hire you for production only? 

Yes of course. I am happy to help you capture, design, animate whatever you need. We understand our place at the table and can follow your direction.

Do you write copy? 

   I write headlines for websites and social media and  30 – to 60 second scripts.
I do not write body copy, articles and blogs. I  partner with  a copy writer to handle those tasks. 

Do you storyboard or concept out the ideas?

   Yes every job before it goes into production is concepted out. If its for video or graphic design jobs,  boards  are created using 3D and 2D and presented to the clients for feedback and approval. 

Do you shoot and direct?

Yes and no. If its a small web or social media video i will shoot and capture all the footage and images. If its for a commercial  I will be directing and hiring a DP, producer and team.  

Do you build and design websites?

Yes I  design webpage layouts in Photoshop, Figma and Adobe XD.  I build websites in WordPress using Divi sections and templates for speed and efficiency.
I also can build in Wix and Squarespace.